Aug 26 Course introduction, classroom expectations.  Why Art?
               What to expect this week.  
                    Introduction to your Sketchbook- Artistic behavior
                    Introduction The Elements of Art and Principles of Design
                    Pre-instructional drawing- observational warm-up

Short term due dates
               30 August Parent and student signatures for Course Expectations 
                                    and Art release due
Long term due dates:  
              21 October  Portfolio Cover due
              28 October  Visual Journal Covers due

Week of Sep 3
           Students will build their class portfolio and write a letter to the instructor.
           Intro to Line, Shape and Form-  A non-objective charcoal composition

Week of Sep 9
         Color Mini-Unit-  Complementary and Analogous Colors
         20  Sep in-class deadline  Non-Objective Pastel Composition  

Week of Sep 23
         27 Sep- Out of class deadline for Non-Objective Pastel Composition
         Contour Line drawing, Focus this week will be on mark-making using lines.  



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