Oct 21
Non-Objective Art.  Students have begun the process of generating thumbnail sketches for a non-objective mixed media painting.  Color Theory has been introduced and students were familiarized with four color schemes.
Important Due dates
October 29-  Non Objective progress statement
October 30-  Visual Journal Covers Due - Identity Revealed-Concealed
October 31- Activate Mahara Account-  

*** Note- If your Artwork is not displayed in the gallery you need to see me asap!

Sep 23

       Observational Drawing.  Students will continue Mannequin and Me composition.  Focus this week will be to polish their work in terms of proportion, placement and accuracy and begin to sensitively add value change to their drawings.
        No Visual Journal pages due this week, an resubmissions of visual journal pages will be accepted Mon-Thursday.

Sep 16 (Week of...)
Mannequin is me.  Begin and complete studies of your narrative, you should begin final drawings on Wed Dec 18.

Due Wed Sep 18
                                Visual Journal Pages
                                 Art Is Page
                                Observational Drawing (Cone, Sphere, (Complex form GT))
                                Narrative page
                   Art II GT (additional)
                                 Reflective Surface Page
          Remember pages should all be dated!!! Do not skip any pages. Fill the picture plane, and color is your friend.

Go to projects for Mannequin Power Point.

Sep 9  (Week of...)
      Observational Drawing Composition-  Students will 
create a still life using a mannequin and an item or items to create a personal narrative composition. 
      The best compositions typically include items students bring from home  which have some personal meaning (not simply sentimental, but may reflect some aspect of the students persona or character).
      You will be drawing from observation this week!
       Due Wed Sep 11 
                                Visual Journal Pages
                                 (Art Is Page extended until Sep 18)
                                 2 Page My Favorite Thing/s 
                   Art II GT (additional)
                                 1 Page Tribute to Artist of Choice
   Check out your notes and work from the Chiaroscuro Unit last year.  If you had problems with the simple forms in class on Friday you will definitely need to practice.

Sep 3
           Art Is- Statements for Folder Covers
          Mind Map Review- Students should visit River Hunt Identity in Art web site  http://www.riverhunt.org/an-exploration-of-identity-through-art/.

         Letter to Mr. Hanssen
Short term due dates
         6 September Letter to Hanssen 
                                      Mind Map
         11 September Art Is Page
                                 2 Page My Favorite Thing/s 
                   Art II GT (additional)
                                 1 Page Tribute to Artist of Choice
Remember all pages should be fully considered as a picture plane (fill the page) and think of color as your friend!

Aug 26

              Course introduction, classroom expectations.  Why Art?
               What to expect this week.  
                    Introduction to your Visual Journal- Artistic behavior
                    Mixed-media and you
                    Mahara sign up (digital portfolio)
                    Pre-instructional drawing- observational warm-up

Short term due dates: 
               30 August Parent and student signatures for Course Expectations 
                                    and Art release due
Long term due dates:  
             30  October Visual Journal Covers due
              28  Mahara Digital Portfolio due, all reflections
                                      posted and portfolio personalized and polished



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